The place is great, counselors are nice.

The Relationship Center of Michigan helped us immensely during a stressful time. They were able to help us figure out the right approach to solving a family problem. We sincerely appreciate their help during this time and will visit them again if a new situation should arise that we are not able to resolve on our own.

Our sessions were very productive. The staff was very helpful and accommodating with our situation. Joe, I really appreciate your help in getting us through some tough times.

I always felt great after a session. It was great just having someone to talk to and really listen and understand.

Since coming to Relationship Center of Michigan, we have been talking more and not holding back even if what we are going to say may not sit well with the other person. It’s like we have totally changed the way we see ach other & the way we handle each other. We have known that our relationship was strong but it’s even stronger. I am not sure what the change was from, but it started after we left your office. Just being able to talk without having a mediator seemed to put me at ease and I am sure it was the same for my husband. Thanks for helping us out. You do wonderful things and should be proud of yourself.

We just want to thank Dr. Dragun so much for helping us reconnect with one another again. In the last two months, he has helped us to become closer than we have ever been before. Thank you for all of your wonderful advice. We have learned so much and hope to keep using everything you taught us in the future.

Dr. Dragun is a wonderful therapist. He helped me jump some big hurdles. Many thanks you’s to him. If I need it, I will definitely return in the future.

After my father died, I was having a difficult time dealing with the grief. I slipped into a deep depression that I would not have been able to overcome without Dr. Dragun’s guidance. He was my voice of reason. Thanks to the help of the RCA, I now have a brighter outlook on life and a better relationship with my wife and children.

At the Relationship Center, I have learned to deal with my problems in a healthy and effective way. My life has completely changed thanks to all the help I have received here.

Carrie is the most helpful therapist I have ever bee in counseling with – and I have met many in the past 15 years! She has been supportive, persistent and understanding of my issues; committing herself to my counseling even when I have been less than committed myself. Thanks Carrie!

Call (810) 227-6218 or send an email to info@relationship-center-mi.com now to make an appointment or learn more about how we can help you.

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