Met for a psychological evaluation required for surgery. Counselor was very helpful in making sure it was the best course of action for me

I needed help getting proper documentation for my learning disability. After having even more issues with my primary care doctor, I called Relationship Center of Michigan and the counselor listened to my situation and helped. It was a positive experience because in the medical field, many places don’t care about you as a patient

I had a positive experience working with Joe. Our talks pushed me in the right direction while trying to solve my marriage problems. I hope to work with Joe again soon.

Current customer there; things are going well.

Rhonda helped me allot with my issues and I plan on returning for more help.

My therapist was the best help I ever got. I miss her. She was very good.

In the short time my fiancé and I have been seeing Dr. Dragon, he has already helped us understand each other so much better.

I have only been seeing Karl for a short period, but he has been amazing at helping me get to the roots of why I am in therapy. Very helpful and straightforward.

It opened my eyes to a better life and got some stuff off my chest now I’m a better person and have a better outlook in life.

I am a current client and I am enjoying the services the counselor makes me feel comfortable and understand my concerns.

Call (810) 227-6218 or send an email to info@relationship-center-mi.com now to make an appointment or learn more about how we can help you.

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