Strained Marriage a Heart Risk for Women

A recent study has reported that women in strained marriages have more risk factors for heart disease than women in happy relationships. Researchers at the University of Utah studied more than 300 middle-aged and older couples who had been married more than 20 years. Each couple answered questionnaires about their relationship and mental state and took lab tests.

They found women in marriages with high levels of strife were more prone to depression and metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is a cluster of symptoms which includes a thick waist, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, higher levels of triglycerides and lower levels of “good” cholesterol. The presence of these symptoms significantly raises the risk of heart disease for both men and women.

A high level of conflict, discord and stress in the marriage were associated with increased levels of metabolic syndrome and of depression for women. Men experienced higher level of depression, but did not have an increase in the physical symptoms described above. Poor relationships hurt both emotionally and physically.

Problems with your marriage can lead to poor health in your future.

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