Signs of Depression in Children and Teenagers

Signs of Depression in Children and Teenagers

During these unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic times, many kids, tweens, and teens are experiencing symptoms of depression. As a parent, it might be challenging to ascertain the difference between depression and sadness due to the circumstances we are all experiencing.
Children and teenagers are often unable to express their emotions verbally. Generally, they act out their feelings rather than discuss them.

Parents might see the following characteristics:
• Disobedience
• Poor judgment
• Changes in appetite
• Anger
• Extreme shyness
• Social withdrawal
• Stomach or headaches
• Excessive sleeping
• Decreased school performance

Not all children will display each symptom, as they vary on an individual basis. If you suspect your teenager is depressed, talk about your concerns in a loving, non-judgmental way. Open a dialogue by letting him/her know what symptoms you’ve noticed and why they are worrisome. Hold space and listen to their concerns without asking too many questions, but clarify that you are willing to provide support.
Thankfully, if your child is expressing any of these traits, therapy can reverse these problems. The Relationship Center of Michigan can help kids, tweens, and teens overcome depression by building stronger relationships, gaining confidence, reducing anxiety, etc. At the Relationship Center of Michigan, we offer several special, specifically-tailored programs focused on assisting children with depression. To correctly identify the struggles your child is experiencing, a consultation might be necessary. Contact us in Ann Arbor or Brighton today for a free 20-minute session.

Relationship Center of Michigan offers counseling for individuals, couples, and families. We provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and safe; ensuring each therapy session is as productive as possible. Whether you need family counseling or seek support and guidance for your child, partner, family, or yourself, the Relationship Center can help you make healthy changes. Explore our website for more information, e-mail us at, or call our center at (888) 372-4861.

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