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At the Relationship Center of Michigan, we specialize in a wide selection of specific counseling services. To learn more on how we can help your needs, view our services we offer below:

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Services at The Relationship Center of Michigan

You may find that you are no longer happy and don’t know why. You may feel distant as though you live with a roommate rather than a loving spouse or partner. Maybe you feel betrayed or angry after a series of hurtful events and might wonder what happened to the love, care, and intimacy you and your partner once shared, and that was so special and sacred.

We know your partner is one of the most important aspects of your life. That’s why we are committed to helping you and your loved one reclaim your special connection and deep love that you both discovered in the beginning.

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Individual Therapy

Therapy and Counseling for Individuals, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Within our individual therapy sessions, our counselors meet with you on a personal, one-on-one basis and work to develop a meaningful relationship with you. We are completely non-judgmental and will walk you through, reaching and accomplishing your individual goals. We create a working relationship based upon respect and are always sensitive to your needs and feelings. The relationship may last for only a few sessions or continue longer, depending on your needs and desires you want to accomplish.

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Relationship Counseling

Relationship and Marriage Counseling, The Relationship Center of Michigan

While many people experience ups and downs in dating and relationships and eventually work things out, some of us need a little more help to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our significant other that lasts. If a previous relationship has failed or you are currently struggling in one, we can assist you with the tools and knowledge that make up the foundations of a healthy and committed relationship that lasts with meaning and purpose.

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Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy and Counseling, The Relationship Center of Michigan

The fact is many people struggle with depression; you are not alone. Depression is one of the most diagnosed mood issues in the country, and now with the uncertain times we face, depression is more prevalent than ever before. In any given one-year period, almost 10 % of the population suffers from depression. About 20 % of adults in the United States experience clinical depression, at least once, during their life.

Regardless of the specifics, if you have been struggling and nothing seems to help you feel better, support and hope are available. A compassionate professional who understands what you are going through can help you heal and empower you to move forward and achieve a positive change.

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Therapy for Kids and Teens

Therapy and Counseling for Kids and Teens, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Rather than telling you what is on their minds directly, often young people do things that signify they are having difficulties. Most kids and teens cannot or will not verbally express their deep insecurities or issues that are bothering them. As a parent or adult, you may notice disobedience, poor judgment, hostility, extreme shyness, withdrawal, or even physical issues like stomach aches, and headaches. Other indicators that your child is having difficulties may be chronically missing school, being late for classes, and a drop in academic performance.

However, there is hope, and reversing these issues is possible. At the Relationship Center of Michigan, we can help direct your child or teen to build stronger self-confidence, healthier relationships, and grow their responsibilities. We give your child the tools and insights to improve the quality of their life as it should be experienced in their timeframe as they grow into healthy young adults.

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Therapy for Families and Parents

Therapy for Families and Parents, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Family therapy is for families who are experiencing ongoing problems in their family dynamics or relationships. The issues that can occur could be between parents and children, siblings, or both. Often after a divorce, siblings start to develop problems that may not be noticeable at first but could worsen with escalating outbursts or arguments. The basic idea about family therapy is that the family is a system and what is happening to one person in the family will usually influence everyone else.

Family counseling provides an opportunity and a place for family members to work through issues that might affect everyone. Initial meetings will focus on figuring out what is not working and why. Often families need some help with conflict mediation, learning how to communicate more clearly, and developing more effective ways of coping with stress.

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Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Therapy and Counseling, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Something happens in life, and suddenly your anger comes out. You react verbally, maybe even physically. Sometimes you may be calm and quiet, never complaining, and then you find yourself erupting like a volcano, shocking everyone around you. You may find that people go out of their way to avoid being around you for too long, making you feel on edge and irritable.

Suppose you feel that your anger issues are starting to get out of control and negatively affecting your relationships, work, or life in general. If so, it may be time to consider addressing it with anger management counseling. We work closely with you to help you identify signs that can lead to outbursts or moments of excessive anger. We will take our time with you and assist every step of handling each situation that arises in a healthy, productive way.

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Anxiety Counseling for Children

Anxiety Therapy and Counseling for Children, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Raising a child with high levels of anxiety can be very stressful for parents and those watching and taking care of them. Throughout the day, a child with high anxiety may have temper tantrums or cry out when they face an emotional issue or unexpected problems. Anxious children may seem excessively sensitive, fighting you on almost every instruction you give. The range of issues could be from a decision about what to wear, what to eat, when to play, and when to go to bed. He or she may have difficulties leaving your side, going to sleep, or even going to school.

You know your child better than anyone else, so your help is crucial in assisting in their growth. We want to combine your invaluable knowledge about your child with our extensive experience in treating children with anxiety. With the right treatment and proper tools, we can help your child to live a calm, confident, and fulfilling life.

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Troubled Teens

Counseling and Therapy for Troubled Teens, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Being a teenager can be one of the most challenging periods in our lives. From juggling issues between home, school, friends, and parents, it’s not easy to be a teen and manage expectations from all these areas that have evolved since early childhood.

Teens are pressured to conform in school, figure out their identity, be accepted by people they aspire to be like or be around, all while maintaining the requirements of academics, teachers, and parents. Common pressures teens face are alcohol and drug use, to be in a relationship, to be sexually active, be dominate or accepted (“cool”), and most recently, bullying. Teens are constantly under pressure to excel in sports, looks, relationships, and grades and feel relevant and “popular” in life.

Your teen’s therapist can offer you strategies and support to set boundaries, rewards, and limits for your teen. We will help you and your teen identify goals and creative solutions that can lay the groundwork for immediate and long-term success.

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Counseling for Affair Recovery

Therapy and Counseling for Affair Recovery, The Relationship Center of Michigan

Finding out your partner is having an affair, or cheated on you, is one of the most devastating shocks that can happen between two people. Along with the discovery of an affair comes an avalanche of emotions for both partners. You may feel guilt, shame, embarrassment, deep hurt, hopelessness, fear and anxiety, loneliness, fear of abandonment, pain of betrayal and anger. You are in emotional and physical turmoil. You question whether the relationship should continue.

We want you to create a new relationship that is affair-proof. We aim to help you achieve a relationship that is stronger and more enduring. We will work to help you heal from the affair and achieve a closeness and strength that you could not have imagined was possible before the affair.

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