Resources for Parents and Families

The following list of resources for parents does not imply an endorsement. They are only for your information. Please remember that phone numbers and web addresses often change.

Article on critically searching the web (Most valuable parents) Government site for talking about sex PBS resources Parenting teens Family and Home Network Parents Magazine A My Space for babies Resources for parents in Michigan and Livingston county Diverse resources in Michigan,1607,7-160-17447_26038_27975—,00.html Michigan government resources for parents of preschoolers Helping a child when a parent deploys or returns from war Health issues. Teen health issues. American Academy of Pediatrics health website National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities Organization dedicated to the healthy development of babies and kids. Articles on parenting and mental health issues. NIH sponsored health website Parenting advice Tufts University Child & Website Guide Internet safety website for parents Resources for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children Michigan reading resource website Michigan substance abuse prevention website Adoption resources

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