Recognizing Depression in Men: 7 Signs to Watch For

Are you or someone you know struggling with depression? Does it seem that a brother, uncle, father, or friend isn’t his regular self? Is he saying that he feels tired all of the time? Knowing the signs of depression in men is important so that your loved one can get the necessary treatment and not become overcome by depression.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

1. He Has Lost Interest in His Favorite Activities

The National Institutes of Health notes that men who have depression may no longer experience the happiness of doing the activities that once brought them joy. These may include playing or watching sports, being outdoors, enjoying hobbies, participating in clubs or organizations they belong to, or even walking the family dog. This loss of interest may also extend to the bedroom, where he may no longer be interested in having sex with his partner, or become more emotionally distant.

2. He Feels Sad All of the Time

Everyone has moments when they feel down or sad. Sadness is just as normal a human emotion as joy. However, when this sadness lasts for an extended period of time, there may be a more serious problem. The most extreme end of the sadness spectrum would be thoughts of making a plan or attempting to commit suicide.

3. He Abuses Alcohol or Drugs

A way that men might try to cope with their feelings is to drink alcohol or abuse prescription drugs. This not only doesn’t help to solve the problem, using substances can actually make things worse by adding an addiction diagnosis along with the depression. Also, people don’t make the best decisions when under the influence, which can have disastrous consequences.

4. He is Not Able to Fulfill Commitments

Not being able to fulfill his commitments can include:

  • Inability to function at work and possibly losing his job.
  • Not helping out with house projects or tasks.
  • Unwilling to contribute to parenting responsibilities.
  • Lack of interest in keeping up with day-to-day obligations: paying bills, picking kids up from school, etc.

5. He Participates in Risky Behavior

The Mayo Clinic says that one sign of depression is risky behavior. It is common nowadays for people to participate in “extreme sports” that have a certain level of danger. For instance, rock climbers use specialized equipment to prevent a dangerous fall and sky- divers will practice routines before they jump. Risky behavior is when one is doing something to purposely endanger themselves or others without fear or awareness of the consequences. An example of this is drinking and driving, which is definitely a risky behavior.

6. He’s Not Taking Care of Himself

When you have depression, personal self-care falls by the wayside. For instance:

  • He’s Not interested in bathing or grooming.
  • He’s Eating foods that aren’t healthy and either eating too much or not enough.
  • He’s Not taking prescribed medication when directed.
  • He’s Not sleeping well, either by not getting enough sleep or oversleeping.

If someone has depression everything else loses importance, and it can be hard to just “snap out of it.” That is why it is important for men to get treatment.

7. He’s Experiencing Physical Problems

A man who is depressed may also experience physical symptoms, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Pain
  • Body Aches
  • Digestion issues
  • Cramps

Having physical problems combined with other symptoms such as feeling sad and substance use can leave a man feeling irritable and expressing his irritation with others.

Men who are depressed have a serious condition that can leave them exhausted, sad, and in pain. In extreme cases, men may also be a risk to themselves. By knowing the signs of depression in men, their friends and family can take action to make sure that their loved one doesn’t become another statistic and can get the help he needs. It may seem impossible to him at the time, but he can beat depression, especially if he has the help of someone who cares for him.

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