Anxiety Counseling for Children

Are You Worried About Your Child’s High Level Of Stress And Anxiety?

child by himself on beachIs your child afraid to attend school or other social activities? Does he or she seem anxious around other children or adults? Is your child doubtful about his or her abilities to overcome common problems? Is your child arguing more with you, friends or siblings? Does it seem like your reactions only worsen your child’s behavior? Is your child afraid of being apart from you, of the dark, of thunderstorms or of insects and animals? Is he or she overly sensitive to failure or rejection from friends? Do you wish you could help your child experience peace and confidence and build the strong emotional foundation needed for his or her successful future?

Raising a child with anxiety can be a very demanding job. Throughout the day, your child may have temper tantrums or cry when he or she faces unexpected problems. Anxious children may seem excessively sensitive, battling you on every decision about what to wear, what and when to eat, or when to go to bed. He or she may have difficulties leaving your side or even falling asleep. Even going to school can be a challenge. An anxious child may feel overwhelmed by a test or by homework and have a meltdown before your eyes. He or she may be overly worried about their grades and performance, which can lead to poor test scores.

Childhood Anxiety Is More Common Than You May Think

Many children have an underlying level of anxiety that is often difficult to detect or is misdiagnosed as another problem. Sometimes fears and anxieties appear to have been present for a long period of time. At other times, recent events may trigger behavioral changes. Children may experience greater anxiety during times of transition such as: parental divorce, attending a new school, moving into a new home, living in a newly blended family or experiencing a death in the family. Sometimes children feel great stress and anxiety as they try to live up to the expectations to excel, to maintain a large group of friends and to keep a schedule full of activities.

Help Your Child Find Relief Through Anxiety Counseling For Children

In a safe, nurturing and open environment, one of our experienced therapists will work with you and your child to determine the underlying cause of your child’s anxiety, the things which trigger anxiety, as well as set goals for improvement. The first step in anxiety counseling for children is to work together to better understand what your child is going through. Your therapist will use age and developmentally appropriate approaches, such as play therapy or art therapy sessions, to help our your child relax and open up. These approaches will also help your therapist observe how your child reacts under certain circumstances.

Your child’s therapist will also help your child develop the skills to ask for help and tell others how he or she feels. Once your child starts to communicate more openly, you will have a better idea of how to anticipate and address new issues or situations that might trigger his or her anxiety in the future. Through anxiety counseling for children sessions, we want your child to learn how to face his or her fears and to understand how strong he or she can be.

Throughout the therapy process, your therapist will provide you with tools and strategies to help you identify how your child is feeling as well as how to react when your child throws a tantrum or exhibits anxiety symptoms. During anxiety counseling for children sessions, we will help you learn how to differentiate your child’s defiance from his or her anxiety. You and your child’s therapist can work together to plan how to react to your child as well as how to support and encourage your child when he or she is faced with an anxious moment. All of these strategies will be tailor-made to mitigate your child’s specific anxiety triggers.

Our child therapists have at least a Master’s degree and are licensed by the State of Michigan. Each have much experience working with children to mitigate anxiety.

You know your child better than anyone else. So your help is crucial. We want to combine your invaluable knowledge about your child with our extensive experience treating children with anxiety. We can help your child to live a calm, confident and fulfilling life.

I believe my child could benefit from anxiety counseling for children, but I have a few questions and concerns.

I am concerned about the cost of anxiety counseling for children as well as the amount of time needed to complete treatment.

In terms of the financial costs, we work with most major insurance companies and many of our therapists are willing to provide a sliding scale for individuals and families in need. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that investing in your child’s well-being now may save him or her years of pain and future therapy needs.

We are also very flexible in terms of the amount of time you designate for your child’s therapy. Most families have their children attend sessions once per week. If you or your child has a busy schedule, we can work with you to find ideal times for sessions.

Is my child’s anxiety just a phase that can be healed with time?

While your child’s anxiety may not seem like the biggest issue right now, it is absolutely worth the effort to explore it in-depth. As a parent, you have a great instinct regarding your child’s behaviors. If you suspect your child’s emotions and behaviors are unusual and feel worried about his or her well-being, anxiety counseling for children can help.

I have tried different therapy options for my child and he or she has experienced no positive results.

The biggest predictor of successful therapy is that you and your child develop a positive relationship with your therapist. Prior issues with therapy may have resulted from a problem in his or her relationship with the therapist. We will work together with you and your child to ensure we find a therapist who will best fit your needs.

Your Child Can Feel Calm, Confident And Ready For Success

If you are ready to give your child the opportunity to let go of fear and thrive in any environment, we invite you to:

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