Anger Management Counseling

  • Do you feel out of control because of your anger?
  • Is your anger interfering with your work?
  • Are your loved ones complaining that your anger is making it harder to have a happy family?

Angry man venting steam from his ears

Something happens in life and suddenly your anger comes out. You react verbally, maybe physically. Or you may be calm and quiet, never complaining. You don’t notice the frustration. Until it is just too much. And then you erupt like a volcano, shocking everyone around you. Or perhaps you always feel irritable, on edge, ready to bite someone’s head off. People avoid you and you don’t understand why.

You may feel that you are not getting what you want, what you need, what you deserve. You may even feel out of control. You know that most people have no appreciation of what is upsetting you. Afterwards, when the anger passes, you may feel genuinely regretful, remorseful, or upset. You may even resolve to try to stop, but it just happens again.

The result: it becomes more difficult for you to get what you want and need. The quality of your life decreases at home and at work. Your happiness and satisfaction with life decreases.

Anger Management

We believe that anger is a natural feeling. It generally is a reaction to what you believe are threats. Thus it is an expression of your dissatisfaction, your pain, or your fear of losing something. This loss could be something you own, like a car or money. The potential loss could be something less tangible, like your honor, your good name, or your rights. The loss could be a relationship. You may feel angry because you are in danger of losing your significant other. The feeling of anger allows you to defend yourself when you think you are under attack. It allows you to react to try to keep something that might be lost.

Anger probably comes from the old fight or flight reactions genetically built into us. In reactions to threats, in the past, we either ran away or physically fought. But today, in most situations in our culture, the way to express anger is through words. Anger allows you to defend yourself, to gain back what you lost, or to keep what you might lose. For certain situations, the feeling of anger is necessary in order to survive and may result in aggressive action. But in most situations you may encounter, aggressive action is not necessary.

Anger problems arise when you physically or verbally abuse or lash out at someone. It is a problem when you over-react to a situation which is irritating or annoying. It is a problem if your reaction in anger is uncontrollable, overwhelming, or destructive.

Anger Management Counseling

Most people who are angry feel frustrated because they are having difficulty expressing their feelings and obtaining what they want. Anger management helps you recognize frustrations early. We want you identify your irritation and to express your feelings to meet your needs, while remaining calm and in control. Anger management therapy can help you to control your reactions to people or things that trigger angry feelings. It is about getting what you need, while expressing your feelings with respect to others and yourself, and without hurting others.

Our non-judgmental, trained, licensed counselors can help you achieve this goal. They are experienced in providing you the tools you need to achieve this goal.

We will work closely with you to help you identify signs that you may becoming excessively angry, and will assist you every step of the way to productively handle situations in a healthy way.

We will cover with you these components:

  • The power of anger
  • When anger is good
  • Defusing anger by managing stress
  • Anger as assertiveness
  • Handing anger efficiently
  • Managing conflict
  • When to take a time-out
  • Changing your thinking
  • Choosing behavior alternatives
  • Effective strategies

You may be a doctor, student, law enforcement officer, business owner, or a stay-at-home mom. In many cases, you can’t avoid situations or people that enrage you, and you cannot change them. But with proper Anger Management Counseling, you can learn to control your own reactions to people and events that you have no control over. We help you learn to control your temper, improve your relationships and become more effective in your life.

If you believe that your feeling of anger is starting to get out of control and is having a negative impact on your relationships, work or other important areas of life, anger management counseling might be for you.

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