by Renee Miller, LMSW

Abundance, “An ample quantity,” from the Webster Dictionary. I imagine most thoughts turn to riches like fancy cars, large houses, and huge bank accounts.

What about love? Beauty? Happiness? Calm? Peacefulness? Joy? Safety? Friendship Appreciation? Or recognition?

The word abundance can be applied to anything that fills your soul with joy, that makes your heart light, and that makes your days brighter.

It’s human nature to focus on the negative, it’s a really old survival instinct that just won’t go away. Always focusing on the negative space means you will never see the spaces that are filled with abundance.

Allow abundance to fill your soul. Recognize it for what it is. You attract what you focus on. If you appreciate the things that are already filling you with joy and peace, you will naturally recognize when more of the same is within your reach. You have everything to gain by trying.

Renee Miller, LMSW is a licensed clinical therapist. She received her undergraduate degree from Oakland University and her master’s degree from Wayne State University. Renee is also a professionally trained life coach. Renee works in our Brighton office. She specializes in relationship issues, parenting, pre-marital counseling, menopause/empty nest issues, as well as individuals who are depressed or anxious

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